Mobile App
for Hotel Guests

Branded iOS and Android application for your hotel

Chatroom for quick handling of guests’ questions and complaints and

Multilingual interface for guests all over the world


Get your hotel's branded app and access to the management system

How It Works


GuestGuide starts providing support to a client immediately upon booking


A guest receives a link to an e-guide which is a branded mobile app of your hotel


The link can be indicated on business cards, prospects and posters when a guest checks in and available in his/her room


A guest will benefit from the app at every stage of dealing with a hotel

Offer Your Guests a Convenient Service at Every Stage of Checking-In
Immediately After Booking

See room photos

Learn check-in details

Order a transfer service

Get news and promos and

Read about the nearabout sights

Before Check-In

Inform about the exact arrival time and

Learn how to get to a hotel

During Stay

Get information about working hours of a laundry, gym or babysitter

Order any service offered by a hotel: sauna, massage or room service

Get information about restaurants and other places near a hotel and

Be advised about an entertainment program

Before Check-Out

Check a public transport timetable: a bus or a suburban train and

Order a taxi

After Check-Out

Get hotel acknowledgments

Take part in a service quality poll and

Get information about loyalty points and an offer for next stay

A Unique App of Your Hotel

Over 10 Branding Options

You will get a unique app designed in a corporate style of your hotel. We will develop a launch screen and an icon, post photos and a description and use corporate colors for push buttons in the app

Available for IOS and Android

You will forthwith get both versions of GuestGuide in order as many guests as possible will be able to install the app

Ongoing Communication with Guests

Quick Feedback

If a guest has already checked in, ask him/her how did it go. Has he/she already departed? Get to know whether everything was ok

Chatroom with a Manager

A guest can address his/her question or suggestion at any time with no need to make a phone call or visit a reception desk in person. A message topic can be selected in the chatroom: room questions, accounting, complaint against an employee and etc. You assign names to message topics and persons in charge

Various Offers at Every Stage of Stay

Flexible Alignment of Info Units

See room photos

Learn check-in details

Order a transfer service

Get news and promos

Read about the nearabout sights

Information about Services, Promos and Events

Order Services in a Few Clicks

A guest can always check any services he/she has already ordered and select those yet not enjoyed. Share information about any upcoming events in a hotel and city, any nearabout places (parks, restaurants and museums) or performances to make a guest a frequenter of the app

Multilingual interface

Useful for Guests All Over the World

Even if a guest doesn’t speak a hotel language, the app expedites the process of service ordering, helps to find answers and enables to communicate with hotel management

GuestGuide Advantages for Hotels

Effective Sales of Complementary Services

Guests order services online while staying in their rooms. The app eases hotel services use as there is no need for a guest to call or communicate with staff in person

Service Costs Decrease

Hotel staff is released from excessive request handling duties: no need to spend time for phone calls and personal communication with a guest

Increase of Direct Clients

Having installed the app once, then a guest directly books a room. A hotel doesn’t pay fees to any aggregators or booking systems. A single-time client turns to a loyal one thus increasing the booking scope

Hotel Rating Upgrade

A hotel gets more positive points in the popular booking services due to an improved guest experience and his/her involvement in enjoying the hotel services

Guest Loyalty Growth

Guests obtain quick answers to their questions and their requests are handled in a prompt way. A hotel gets feedbacks on its staff and service quality and is able to solve any problems on hand when a guest is dissatisfied


1 month free

With a one-time payment for 2 months

Next months

You can use GuestGuide according to a selected subscription package




An advanced mobile app, GuestGuide, helps guests quickly get their bearings in all services offered by your hotel: breakfast order, laundry or any other services. Guests will highly appreciate such a user-friendly and convenient service ordering option during their stay in your hotel, and will be able to promptly create a booking request in the same app in the future. Your hotel will get a direct guest with no need to pay fees to any booking systems.


With a one-time payment for 2 months,
you get 1 month free

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